Audio Laser Experiments (2001) - Garnet Hertz

Documentation of audio-modulated laser experiments, made as prototypes for Andres Ramirez Gaviria. These rough experiments were eventually refined and eventually incorporated into his interactive installation project titled "ar_td_ep" (2001) that we installed in Santo Domingo:

ar_tp_ep is an installation that measures and visualizes sound within a specific physical environment. It includes four laser projector synchronized into a single horizontal line that circles the exhibition space. The laser image vibrates (changes patterns) in direct relation to the amount of sound created within the exhibition space.

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Video Documentation

Laser Audio Experiments: Prototype 1 (2001) - Garnet Hertz.

Laser Audio Experiments: Prototype 2 (2001) - Garnet Hertz.

Laser Audio Experiments: Prototype 3 (2001) - Garnet Hertz.


Completed Project

Photo of finished project (2001).

Garnet Hertz (2001) -