c o r e d u m p


This artwork is a machine-based installation art piece. This piece will be displayed in a gallery space, and will operate as a "drawing machine" on the floor surface of the gallery.

The machine will be controlled remotely by internet users. Users across the globe - via the internet - will be able to see live video of the gallery space, and will be able to physically move the drawing machine in the gallery exhibition space. Therefore, there will be two audiences to the piece - internet participants and observers, and viewers in the physical gallery space.


The drawing-machine will stand about one meter in height and will be constructed from welded steel, motors, joints, and a camera-eye that will transmit images to the website.

This machine will have more than one markmaking device on it. A total of four individual floor-marking mechanisms will be on the machine: each will be controlled by an individual internet user. Like a four-tentacled octopus, the arms will be able to in dependently move within the range of the entire machine body.

As a complete unit, the drawing machine will be able to move across the gallery floor. This will take place when a majority of the internet-controlled 'tentacles' pull in a similar direction. Therefore, the machine will have two basic movements: the individual movements of the drawing tentacles, and the macro-movement of the entire drawing machine.

The gallery floor will be covered with inexpensive particle board to prevent excess damage to the gallery location. The drawing media for the machine has not been finalized, although the top contender is an IV-type ink drip that feeds a small felt wheel that rolls on the floor.

The control / behavior of this mechanism is predicted to be sporratic, chaotic, unorganized, and very physical. The marks made by the object will be rough and visceral. The drawing machine technology will not offer an extremely precise "pen" for the internet participant - the technology will be allowed to influence the markmaking, and will not attempt to operate as a transparent communicator.

Visually, the machine will have electrical switches, wires, and parts revealed to the viewer. No attempt to hide the technology of the drawing machine will be made - the mechanism will be of the "wires exposed" school of machine-building.


Internet participants to the piece will see a live video image, and will have several option-buttons to control the movement of their drawing tentacle. The website will also feature documentation, theoretical text / statement, and information about the project.

The website will be controllable to any internet user with a web browser - no special software or hardware will be required to view and control the machine.


Conceptually, the work varies around one basic theme - the translation/transmission of data/energies between two forms/media - digital space and physical space.

In effect, the machine-made marks on the gallery floor will carry several messages:

  • they will speak about the drawing machine
  • they will speak about the users controlling the machine
  • they will speak about the physical potential that exists within digital space and within internet users
  • they will speak about the differences between what users are trying to do, and what the machine is actually doing: a symbol of communication mediums influencing the communication message

Full conceptual writing about COREDUMP will be placed on this site once the context and implications of the project are more fully researched.

this project is by garnet hertz whose work can be found at conceptLAB