Doom Reflection Wall

Garnet Hertz (last modified 06 April 2012)

Concept: In this project, a data projector displays an image on a wall. Loud heavy metal music plays in the space. When an individual walks up to the wall, a mirrored avatar of the person is displayed on the screen using a character from the 1993 first person shooter video game "Doom" (id Software). Like an 8-bit mirroring of reality, the computer-drawn characters move in sync with people in front of the data projection.

Doom: Reflection Wall Concept - Garnet Hertz - May 2011


Aarhus, Denmark - NEXT 2011 / Beautiful Mistakes - August 27-31 2011 (Premiere)

Belfast, UK - Catalyst Arts / Press Start - January 26 - February 17 2012


People in the indoor space are reflected on the wall as video game monsters in the style of Doom.

Loso Doom Character Hewe Doom Character Imp Doom Character Sarg Doom Character Trop Doom Character

Computer Vision Sytem

This system uses custom software written in Processing using a Microsoft Kinect sensor and the Simple-OpenNI library for detecting people in the exhibition space.

Development Process

Development Process 1: Video of the first afternoon of work on "Doom" using Processing and Simple-OpenNi on August 15th 2011. This video shows testing user detection and drawing the user's center mass position in 3D space with a Kinect sensor, Processing and Simple-OpenNi:

Development Process 2: Video showing additional work on "Doom" using Processing and Simple-OpenNi on August 16th 2011:

Development Process 3: Video showing fourth day of work on "Doom" on August 18th 2011 that has multiple avatars and walking/action animations:


Thanks to Chris Guevara and David Resnick for their code and help. Funded by Paul Dourish and Gillian Hayes of the Department of Informatics at University of California Irvine.

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