B O D Y L E S S . N E T / M I N D L E S S . M A C H I N E

This page stores several "visual theories" about telepresence, telerobotics, and the results of a bodyless internet being interfaced with a mindless machine.

Upon entrance into digital space, the
individual becomes a disembodied
digital mind.  Through the interface
of tele-operation, this digital mind
can be re-constituted into a non-
virtual format.

Resulting from the machine's markmaking device, these crude scratches illustrate a rough interface between the disembodied digital self and the re-constitution of it into a physical format.

Unlike an attempt to 'seamlessly interface' the disembodied digital self into a physical format, this INTERFACE is intentionally rough.

To attempt to seamlessly interface individuals with technology is to misunderstand the common relationship that most people have to it.

The practice of exploring technologically-mediated experiences seems to be a valid exercise in a society which is already highly technologically mediated. Telephones, televisions, radios, and the internet form a structural backbone in western society, and by creatively exploring technological-mediation, concepts can be created and contemporary reality can be understood.

u n o f f i c i a l . m a p . o f . c y b e r s p a c e :

k e y / g u i d e :

RED/PURPLE/PINK: physical being
          WHITE: inter-connections
           BLUE: digital mind
          GREEN: physical re-constitution of digital being