Reimagining the Now - Gillian Russell, Garnet Hertz, Craig Badke

Card Dimensions: 7.62 cm (W) x 7.62 cm (H).
Play Mat Dimensions: 121.92 cm (W) x 60.96 cm (H).
Materials: Custom card set on 14pt 2cs paper, tuck box and playing mat.
Version 1.0 (Beta) Print Date: May 8th 2019.

Reimagining the Now is a custom card set designed by Garnet Hertz, Gillian Russell and Craig Badke to highlight how existing technological infrastructures can be re-imagined and re-designed around different sets of cultural values. This card set features a deck of 52 custom cards with a tuck box and a custom play mat. It is a continuation of Hertz's Critical Making Design Process Cards merged with the workshop methods of Russell and Badke.

Reimagining the Now (Photograph)

Reimagining the Now (Tuck Box)

As of October 2019, his card set has been beta tested in workshops at Emily Carr University of Art and Design (May 2019), Simon Fraser University (May 2019), and Harvey Mudd College (October 2019). If you are interested in having this workshop given at your institution, please contact us.

Details of the released card set will be documented here in December 2019.

Version 1.0 (Beta)

Garnet Hertz (2019) -