Unubiquitous - Garnet Hertz (2015-)

Format: Custom Open Source Hardware & Fabrication

Description: Unubiquitous is an open source mobile phone platform. Ubiquitous communication technologies like smartphones have contributed to the rise of interpersonal interconnections, producing many beneficial results. Yet, at the same time this has led to the public feeling overloaded with pervasive information technologies (Sellen & Whittaker 2010). Our project goal is to build fully-functional design artifacts that critically frame this problem in the digital economy and offer imaginative solutions. We will accomplish this by prototyping and manufacturing "unubiquitous" cellular phone-like devices that, somewhat ironically, help people disconnect from technology and reconnect face-to-face. Our aim is to use these devices as case studies to deliver a clearly articulated framework for 'critical making': building creative technologies as an alternate mode of knowledge dissemination.

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