Phone Safe 2 - Garnet Hertz, 2015

Format: Steel, Aluminum, Custom Electronics, Fabric

Description: Phone Safe 2 is a public kiosk system built by Hertz for individuals to give up their mobile phones. The system consists of a heavy metal box resembling a bank safe with a slot in the top to put your phone. Pressing a button adds time that your phone will be locked inside and there is no way to reduce your time: you must simply wait until the timer has elapsed. Passers-by can hit the button and add more time. The project features an alphanumeric 16 character LED display that seems to be hungry for more phones, but when the timer has elapsed the door pops open and users can retrieve their handsets from the plush red interior of the device. This project premiered in the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2015) at the Museum of Vancouver between August 16 - October 12, 2015 in "Lively Objects": a show that brings together artworks "that vibrate with mechanical, digital, and magical forces. In Lively Objects, artefacts do not quietly await appreciation; these enchanted artworks disrupt traditional museum categories and presentation techniques. They start surprising conversations with neighbouring objects and invite visitors to reconsider the museum experience." Lively Objects was curated by Caroline Seck Langill and Lizzie Muller. The exhibition featured works by Wendy Coburn, Steve Daniels, Judith Doyle, Kate Hartman, Garnet Hertz, Simone Jones & Lance Winn, Germaine Koh, and Norman White.

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