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This page will be useful if you want to find out who is talking about this project, and also if you're interested in finding other devices connected to the net. If you're looking for other telerobots, be sure to check out my modest list of internet-accessible machine pages. Also included in the link-page is a section of overseas [non-North American] pages that reference this site.

(if you could read one book)

If you want to find some interesting theories about technology, its uses and control, take a trip down to your local bookstore and find The Real World of Technology by Ursula Franklin - (1992, House of Ansai Press, ISBN 0-88784-531-2). Although not specifially related to digital technology, the book gives an excellent background into technology theory. It is also refreshing to read the perspective of a female author in a field that appears to be largely male-dominated.


A list of books related to the theoretical side of telerobotics, digital space, artmaking and telepresence.

Robert Atkins - http://math240.lehman.cuny.edu/talkback
Several of the "quoted" text-pieces at this site were scanned from Robert Atkin's December 1995 Art in America article titled "Art on Line". Click on the image to visit his site titled Talkback! A Forum for Critical Discourse .

Research on Ubiqutous Telepresence?

The INTERFACE [formerly known as 'doppelganger'] project is currently being investigated by a Colorado university group titled "Research on Ubiqutous Telepresence". According to one of the project's directors - Mr. Zorn - this INTERFACE project is of important academic research within the realm of their theories of ubiqutous telepresence. What do they propose? Click on the URL below to find out exactly what's going on...