G I V E . F E E D B A C K : s e l e c t e d . e m a i l s

enable it to kick the ass of the people more nearest.

Fernando Carvalho

You should let it cook in your kitchen. Mark Miller
I want to tell you that I think what you are trying to do is admirably ambitious. Thank you for showing it to me. I look forward to all of your future work. Good luck with this project. Reva Stone
Mount it with a paint ball gun and plenty of ammo! Tommy Hinton
I can't immagine you being comfortable with a little online spy having the run of your home long term (this would drive me crazy) and I'd personally like to discourage you from promoting violent behaivior through robotics (shooting at real people/dropping things on people's heads) even if it seems "harmless fun". The grafitti idea is really good because it lets the controler have creative freedom of expression, and those who log on after them can admire their work (this room could get real cool after about a week). Making the room a maze yields more surface area on which to write, and requires more exploration to see it all. This would be a nice touch. For those with a bent toward the destructive, shooting paintballs at grafitti they don't happen to like or agree with is much better than having living targets. I would suggest making several colors available for the grafitti, and using white paintballs (as an eraser). This would yield a constantly changing environment, with very little upkeep on your part (recharging the batteries and refilling the paint would be about it). Really cool idea! I must keep an eye on this. Bill Schuler
I would suggest that you give the device clippers and let it loose in a weed-infested garden or yard. Let people destroy weeds and chase the dog. Brian Moss
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