C O N T R I B U T O R S . [ a n d . c o - c o n s p i r a t o r s ]

Listed here are individuals other than myself that have technically contributed to the project. Click on the images to visit their homepages.

Glen Hertz designed the electrical system of the machine. Pictured above is a preliminary sketch of the electrical system stolen from his workbook.

Mark Duguid has helped in some of the Unix-related technical aspects of this piece. A true 'hacker': pictured here while being interviewed for a local television story on computer security.

Tedd Sperling designed Macintosh software applications for the Macintosh which allowed testing of the device before it was online.

s p e c i a l . t h a n k s . t o :

Reva Stone, Linda Duval and Susan Shantz for the advice, Mike 'FLYER' Phillips, Scott Edwards for lightning-fast responses, Miles M. and his Applescript, Roger Hertz of CRS Robotics - brother and PhD candidate in Robotics at U of Toronto, comp.robotics.misc people, especially Erin Catto (who initially introduced me to the mini SSC) and Bill Schuler of Douglas Electronics Inc. (who provided Mac serial port info), super-mac-man Ehsan Saffari, Clark Nikolai of Video Verite for the lead on the camera, and countless unmentioned others that have given input into this project...